Why Proposal Content Management Matters

Emily Taylor | Content Marketing Manager

As we said on our blog in June, content management poses a serious challenge for many proposal teams and writers. After all, it requires significant time and effort, especially in its early stages. Even if you have a great process in place and adhere to all the best practices, content database maintenance can be a full-time job (for one or more people) in and of itself.

So it’s no wonder that content management often takes a back seat to seemingly more pressing projects—you know, the kind with client deadlines and potential direct revenue attached to them. Not to mention the fact that it can be tough to convince upper management to allocate time and resources to something whose impact they might not fully understand.

Here’s how we like to break it down:

This is why content management is so important: Proper management makes content better. The higher your content quality, the higher your proposal quality and process efficiency.

Better and/or more proposals means more business for your company, and optimized processes mean major time savings for stakeholders throughout your organization—from subject matter experts to compliance, sales, and marketing personnel.

On the other hand, as database administrators are all too well aware, when content management goes awry for any reason, things begin to fall apart. When a certain amount of content (oddly, it doesn’t take much) is out of date, you start missing deadlines, distributing inaccurate information, and missing out on business opportunities. It can be very difficult to get things back under control.

So while content management may seem like a mere housekeeping task at first glance, it’s actually a vital part of creating winning proposals. And in a world that revolves around client deadlines and information accuracy, proper content management can be the difference between new business and a missed opportunity.

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