PMAPS for Sales Proposals2018-10-31T21:36:42+00:00

PMAPS for Sales Proposals


Use PMAPS Content Manager to store and access your product information for your Sales Proposal needs

  • Maintain accurate product information in your PMAPS database or other network location.
  • Manage the accuracy of your product/descriptions and pricing responses by setting automated updates.
  • Apply filters and attributes to categorize your marketing and product content, making it easy to navigate.
  • Use PMAPS Search to quickly sort through content and return the most appropriate information.

Collaborate across your organization and define access as needed to complete the Sales Proposal process.

  • Set permissions and restrictions to enable content access only, or editing permissions based
    on the roles and needs of users.
  • Assign topics to product/marketing staff for content updates and completion.
  • Collaborate with compliance personnel for review and approval.

Empower your sales staff to produce professional, compelling sales proposals.

  • Create automated proposal forms that allow sales personnel to customize proposal content, as needed, by simply checking a box to select the appropriate product information.
  • Upload and store branded templates to maintain your brand integrity in every proposal.
  • Arm your sales staff with anytime/anywhere flexibility so they may retrieve content and generate proposals from any mobile device.