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Camden Partners Investment Q&A

1. What’s being announced?

Two things really, both of which are very exciting. First, Proposal Software, Inc. (PSI) is basically under new ownership. The new ownership group is led by Camden Partners, an investment firm based in Baltimore, Maryland that focuses on cloud and SaaS companies. Second, the new owners are investing some additional “growth capital” into the business so we can extend our leadership position in this market and take even better care of our customers in the process.

2. How has this change impacted Proposal Software’s employees?

It’s been very positive.  We’re able to do things for employees in terms of benefits, teambuilding, hiring, skills improvement, and quality of management and supervision that have already had a significant positive impact on job satisfaction – so much so that I’ve already had customers tell me they’ve noticed the difference.  Of course, any time there’s a change in ownership there’s going to be some trepidation, but we’re well past that already.  Not a single employee has jumped ship along the way, and our staff is so excited about where we’re headed that they’re making it easy to attract and hire the next wave of excellent team members.

3. How does this change impact Proposal Software’s customers?

Already we’ve added some really remarkable folks to our impressive team, comprised mostly of proposal professionals and former customers.  This larger and more capable team is improving our ability to service and support our customers at a time when our company is adding customers at an increasing pace and our customers are expanding their use of our software faster than ever.  Additionally, very soon the investments we’re making in our products will further improve productivity, efficiency, and ease of use for all of our customers.

4. What types of companies do you most frequently serve?

Our customer base is very large and diverse and includes regional and global banks, over one hundred of the world’s largest asset management companies, healthcare companies, benefits administrators, all types of professional services firms, dozens of the world’s largest software and technology companies, and many more.  In a nutshell, we serve any company that needs to quickly generate proposals, sales documents, and RFP/RFI responses that are automatically up-to-date, brand-consistent, and tailored for each recipient.

5. There are several startups trying to get a toehold in the online proposal creation market.  Are any of them a threat?

We view new entrants in the proposal space as positive for two reasons.  First, the fact that they exist and can attract capital is an indication of the growing awareness of the enormous need in the marketplace that we have been addressing for well over a decade.  Second, while we’ve introduced every major innovation in proposal automation since our inception, we not only have to maintain our rate of innovation, we have to accelerate it.  The possibility that one of these startups might get some traction keeps us sharp, improves the quality of everything we do for our customers, and reminds us that we have to earn the privilege to serve them every single day.

6. Is Proposal Software profitable?

Absolutely.  We always have been and we intend to remain that way.  Our customers range in size from Global 20 to Fortune 1000.  At that scale, proposal and sales document automation is a mission critical activity, so it’s no surprise that our customers are only interested in proven enterprise-class products from financially stable vendors with a long-term commitment to this business.  That narrows the field to just us.

7. Where do you see Proposal Software in 2-3 years?

First off, we’ll be just as committed to the proposal and sales professionals that we serve 2-3 years from now as we are today, if not more.  Our lead in terms of the productivity gains our customers experience, customer satisfaction, features and functionality, and the sheer number of customers served will be growing at a rate that is even faster than it is today.  We’ll still be relentlessly pursuing our goal of being “most valuable vendor” for every one of our clients.  And finally, we’ll be an even more awesome place to work, but for a larger number of passionate and very discriminating teammates who love what they do, who they do it with and for.