Data Silos: How to Break a Bad Habit

JoAnna Hughes | Content Writer In the spirit of Jack Handey, let’s start today’s blog with some deep thoughts. Why is there something rather than nothing? Who am “I”? Or, if you drop soap on the [...]

Alexa, Locate Proposal and Content Management

JoAnna Hughes | Content Writer The technology industry needs a business lesson. There, I said it. Now, you may emphatically disagree with me regarding that statement. And if you do it’s probably because if you search [...]

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Who is Skulking in the Shadows?

JoAnna Hughes | Content Writer Theft to a business owner used to mean something very different than it does now. It used to mean walking over the broken glass of a shattered window or opening what [...]

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Fifty Shades of SharePoint

JoAnna Hughes | Content Writer I have this dream—more of a fantasy, really. It starts with me walking down the hallway in a vacant office building. I look down and see my modest skirt and simple, [...]

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Don’t Put the AI Cart Before the Content Horse

Underdeveloped technology no substitute for bedrock principles of content management PJ Bellomo, CEO of Proposal Software In November, I grabbed breakfast in Saratoga Springs with Peter Dean, a former global sales executive at Federal Express who [...]

Why Proposal Content Management Matters

Emily Taylor | Content Marketing Manager As we said on our blog in June, content management poses a serious challenge for many proposal teams and writers. After all, it requires significant time and effort, especially in its early [...]