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Why Proposal Content Management Matters

Emily Taylor | Content Marketing Manager As we said on our blog in June, content management poses a serious challenge for many proposal teams and writers. After all, it requires significant time and effort, especially in its early stages. Even if you have a great process in place and adhere to all the best practices, content database [...]

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“Content management is one of our biggest challenges.”

Ellen Bossert | Vice President, Marketing Content management is a challenge faced by many proposal management professionals. And the fact is, whether you use proposal software or have a manual process, there’s nothing more important than having your content up to date and easily accessible. This can ensure not only the quality of your proposals and [...]

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Proposal Review Tips (Or: How to Earn Points with Your Proposal Manager)

Emily Taylor | Content Marketing Manager Review cycles are a key element of the RFP response process, and if you’re part of a proposal review—as a sales professional, subject matter expert, legal consultant, executive, or any other role—there are some things that might not only make your proposal manager’s life easier, but also help ensure [...]

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Betty Manning – PMAPS’ Client Zero

Betty Manning is Proposal Software’s Client Zero and one of our most experienced implementation and training managers. If necessity is the mother of invention, you could say that it was through Betty’s need for a proposal management system that PMAPS was born. Back in 1993, Betty was on the proposal team of a Fortune 500 [...]

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Can’t We Just Use Salesforce to Manage our Proposal Process?

Ellen Bossert | Vice President, Marketing Companies spend thousands—sometimes millions—of dollars on enterprise software, so it’s not unreasonable that they want to leverage those technology investments to manage other processes or functions, even some for which the software wasn’t originally intended. In the proposal world, some companies are considering using Salesforce to manage their RFP response and [...]

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Five Easy Ways to Ensure Proposal Compliance

Emily Taylor | Content Marketing Manager Few scenarios are scarier to proposal managers than submitting a bid with outdated, inaccurate, or otherwise non-compliant content. Proposal compliance is critical. But in a fast-paced, deadline-driven world where rules and information can change at the drop of a hat, today’s approved content can easily become tomorrow’s old—and wrong—news. [...]

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Somebody Turned Track Changes Off! What Now?

Emily Taylor | Content Marketing Manager Any proposal writer whose workflow involves review or collaboration in Word is familiar with the sinking feeling that comes with opening a document that should be splattered with colorful Track Changes notations only to find nothing but black and white. It could be because the draft was so perfect [...]

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A Centralized Content Knowledgebase Is Critical To Effective RFP Response And Sales Proposal Management

Ellen Bossert | Vice President, Marketing It’s a new year, and for most companies that means new and expanded sales goals. For many companies, RFPs represent a major component of the sales process, and responding to them requires cross-functional and widespread collaboration. Prior to my current role leading marketing at Proposal Software, I worked with [...]

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A Letter from Our CEO

Craig McSavaney | CEO As 2016 kicks into full swing, we’re excited to continue evolving as a company as we expand and improve the ways we support not only our clients, but proposal and sales professionals in general. We hope you’ll find this space to be a valuable resource for: Proposal management and sales enablement [...]

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