4 Tips to Maximize Proposal Productivity & Win More RFPs

Maximize Proposal Productivity & Win More RFPs

Submitting winning sales proposals requires sales and marketing teams to spend valuable time and resources gathering, processing, organizing, sharing and personalizing vast amounts of information. Often this Herculean effort results in your sales team focusing more on gathering RFP content, and less on actively acquiring new business.

With the right team and strategy – paired with the right technology resources, you can increase productivity, improve accuracy, and alleviate the stress of the RFP process.


By using proposal management software, you enable your team to streamline your RFP and sales proposal process:

  1. Spend less time on the RFP details and more time closing actual deals
  2. Enhance collaboration and automate your sales proposal workflows
  3. Generate higher quality submissions, share information and maintain updated, accurate content
  4. Track the ROI of your sales technology investment with metrics captured to measure RFP productivity and win/loss rate

Maximize the efficiency of your team and win more business.


Download our Infographic 4 Cornerstones to Winning More RFPS today and learn how your organization can maximize proposal productivity.



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